Art of a wingbolt from Geneforge 4.
Vital statistics
Title Wingbolt
Gender Varies
Race Wingbolt
Faction All
Health Varies
Level Varies
Status {{{status}}}
Location Varies


Wingbolts are magical, levitating serpents with wings. They attack by hurling powerful, magical bolts of energy at enemies. Melee attack includes a pointed, scorpion-like tail for effective attacks. These attacks can poison the enemy. Wingbolts are ideal creations to be used to defend items, areas, or general combat. Wingbolts were created near the height of the rebellion. They were created by the Shapers as a new, better creation to get the "upper hand," or advantage in the war. They are a class 3 creation.


Wingbolts are reptilian creatures. They are infertile and weigh about 100 stones, length being 11 spans, wingspan is 8 spans. Wingbolts don't tend to go rogue, especially not under a strong command. The base material for a Wingbolt is an Artila. Wingbolts have heat vents to keep clean and moist, and have 6-8 segments on it's tail when fully grown. It has high internal warmth, in order to maintain the magical flow through their bodies. It is easy to think of Wingbolts as Artilas with wings.

The skin of a Wingbolt tends to be very resistant to magical damage from Vlish, Artilas, and Gazers. They are particularly susceptible to physical attacks from Battle Creations. They also do not resist the cold or heat well.


Wingbolts have enough intelligence to obey their masters, but not enough to talk, or be considered as creations with high rogue tendencies.


Unstable Firebolt - The Unstable Firebolt is an unstable creation that shoots fireballs at its enemies. Later variants could fire lightning attacks.


Wingbolts appear in the 4th and 5th games. It is possible that they were developed as a response to the Great Eastern Rebellion.

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