"This is a weapon. It is wielded in your right hand and used to damage your foes." - In-game description

All weapons in the game are worn in a single slot, so it is not possible to dual wield any weapon.


"This is a living thing, a creature which lives in a handmade frame of metal and stone. It spits out specially grown thorns. Thorn batons can only be loaded with thorns of the same type. Acid batons can only fire acid thorns, etc." - In-game description of batons

In-game, all batons weigh 2.5 lbs. They can be reloaded by thorns of the same type.

"This is ammunition. When the correct sort of weapon runs out of ammo, this will automatically be used to recharge it.

"Shapers grow these thorns on specially bred bushes. They are loaded into batons and fired at enemies. If you try to fire an unloaded baton, you will automatically reload it with thorns in your inventory." - In-game description of thorns

All thorns weigh 0.1 lbs. and contain up to 6 ammo per thorn cluster.

(Generic) Thorn Batons

Thorn (Damage 2-8)

Venom Thorn Batons

Venom Thorn (Damage 6-30)


"This is a missile weapon. It can be flung at your foes.

"A mundane and nonmagical weapon but effective nonetheless. Shapers are nothing if not practical." - In-game description

All javelins weigh 6.0 lbs. for a pack of 6 javelins.

(Generic) Javelins

Javelin (Damage 4-24)

Steel Javelins

Javelin (Damage 6-36)


Bronze Swords

Sword (Damage 3-21)

Bronze Swords weigh 6.0 lbs.


Sword (Damage 2-14)

Daggers weigh 4.0 lbs.


Melee Attack (Damage 1-6)

Sticks weigh 2.0 lbs.


"Shapers are not above using regular magical items. This baton has been carefully infused with potent magical power." - In-game description

All wands weigh 3.0 lbs.

Discipline Wands

Disruption (Damage 8-128)

Discipline Wands are made to be used on creations, and do much more damage to a creation than to anything else, i.e. Shapers.

Fiery Wands

Firebolt (Damage 8-32)

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