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A map of Watchill:1, 7, 2, 3, 5, 4 and 6 are choke points where rogues can attack you. A canister and equpiment can be found within the main building north east. Serula's farm (9).

Watchhill is a location in Geneforge. It serves as the connection between Vakkiri, the town of the Awakened, and Ellhrar's Keep, the major military base of the Awakened. Once a guardian or agent barrack, from where the Shapers established control over creations it has recently been overrun with rouges.


Crag Valley - North (8)

Thorny Fen - East (11)

Ellhrar's Keep - South (10)

Vakkiri - West (1)


Watchill served as the main barracks of agents and guardians of Sucia isle. It stood on a lookout for rogues and possibly the shades of the wastes.


Clear Watchhill - This is the province that must be "cleared" from a Spawner.

Note, however, that only the spawner needs to be destroyed.

Killing extra Fyora and Thahds is helpful, but unnecessary.



Seerula - Old servile hermit with a dented blade which can help you clear out Watchhill.

Unnamed Guard Serviles (2).



Rouge Fyora

Rogue Thahd


How to access free travel

Kill the Spawner

Special Items


Create Thahd

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