The Warped Creator is a boss in Geneforge 3 who has the powers of a Spawner. He was shaped by the rebel Shaper Litalia to fill Greenwood Isle with rogues in order to weaken the Shapers who led there. He can spawn about six rogues at once, and can use melee attacks if he has to. He can't use ranged attacks.

Before the Player's fight with him in the Lair of the Creator, the Player encounters Litalia's Shade. After a bit of dialogue, you can pass and reach the Warped Creator himself. He is shown as a scrawny man with frizzy hair from the waist up with long arms and big hands, and Spawner from the waist down. Before fighting him, the Warped Creator speaks to you. He asks if you have orders for him. From here, you have the option to either command him to stop making rogues or to return to essence so that you might absorb him.

*Note* In order for either command to be successful, your leadership skill must be a level 10 or more. This is possible but requires you to sacrifice a lot of skill points early on in the game.

His melee attack animation is actually pretty funny because he just kind of flails his arms at his target.

For a strategy idea, get Alwan and Greta's melee skills up and place them with a couple of Thahds around, with one of them at each spawning platform. Keep a couple with you in case any get by and have one attacking the Warped Creator with melee attacks while you use crystals or spells against him. This works well if you're playing as the Shaper class.

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