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Mess hall.

The Vakkiri is a servile colony.

The serviles there mostly reside in a collection of old shaper ruins. The townspeople are all members of the Awakened sect. This is the first town that will be encountered in the game.


Bandit Woods - North

Watchhill - East

The Abandoned Vale - West


Clear Watchhill

Eliminate the Bandits

Find Arth

Find Stolen Knife

Find Pixley

Kill Ellhrar

Open Ham's Box

Search Ruined School



Leader Khobar - Leader

Learned Pinner - Historian and advisor

Brodus Blade - Head Guard

Sencia - Caretaker

Coale - Master of the Armory, Weapons shop owner

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Ham's apothecary.

Ham - Potion-maker

Inerney - Cook


Strout - Ornk keeper

Lietz - Ornk keeper


Nabb - Taker Spy

Unnamed serviles

Unnamed servile guards (Vakkiri Blades)



None (Unless the entire town is hostile to you)

How to access free travel

Automatic (just enter the town)

Special Items


War Blessing

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