An Unstable Firebolt is a Magic Creation available in Geneforge 4. It is an unstable creation, decaying over time throughout its use. The Unstable Firebolt is a variation of the Wingbolt and seems to be a flying, fire-breathing Artila.

Physical Features

The Unstable Firebolt is a winged creation, able to fly above the ground to an extent. It is presumably multi-segmented with alternating bands of a tainted white and black. To these extents it is similar to the Wingbolt. The Unstable Firebolt, on the other hand, shoots out Fire similar to Fire Creations. Wingbolts deal magic damage and Unstable Firebolts deal fire damage.

Unstable Firebolts are similar to their distant cousins Artilas. Both are physically frail and best used on the backlines of attacking forces.

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