Fire creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Barred
  • Powerful independent Dreadnought Creation
Notable Variations
  • Shock Unbound
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 4
Shapable in-game? False
HP Level Very high (2000-3000)
AP Level Mid-High (2-3 actions a turn)

The Unbound were a creation of the Ur-Drakons by Ghaldring and his followers following the Rebel invasion of Terrestia during the events of Geneforge 4. Filled with essense and hatred they were by default, insane and uncontrollable. Ghaldring's plan was to release many of these Unbound into the Shaper lands where they would go rogue and destroy everything and everyone they encountered. It is a sign of the Drakon's strength and progress in the war.

They appeared as pale-skinned drakons. Their sheer power caused their skin to glow and pulsate brightly. They appeared in several different forms, each specalising in a different type of magic. They pose a serious threat to a low level player.


  • Despite their power, Unbound seem to be somewhat incompetent, because the cities were largely intact and the Unbound were almost completely wiped out by the events of Geneforge 5, with the last few known remaining Unbound alive being the ones in the fen and the ones hiding in the far south.
  • Notably, one is almost killed by little more than a group of loyalist soldiers when the player travels to the far south.

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