Twixx is a quest given to you by Keeper Cooper in Minallah.

Quest Text

Keeper Cooper looks after the serviles in Minallah. He told you that one of his services, Twixx, has become terrified and unstable. If you want to help calm her down, she was hiding in the storage caves in the northwest corner of town.


Twixx is a very easy quest to complete, but requires at least a Leadership of 4 to convince Twixx that she is not a rogue.

To start, pick up the quest from Keeper Cooper and make your way north to the very northwest corner of the zone, where you will find a servile huddling in the cold next to a chest. Speak to Twixx to find out that she thinks she has gone rogue despite not being antying close to it.

You can improve your standing with the Shapers by telling her that she's right and should die due to her rebellious thoughts, otherwise convince her that she isn't rogue to get her to leave and complete the quest. Her chest contains a Chainmail Vest, which will be the most superior armor you can pick up until you snag the Heavy Chitin Armor during the quest The Presence.

Once she's left or dead, return to Keeper Cooper.


Experience, dependent on level


Appears In

Geneforge 5

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