The Trakovites are a secretive faction founded on the Shaper mainland during the Great Rebellion and first encountered in Geneforge 4. They follow a set of rules which dictates that all Shaping should be barred from use forever because of the tendency of Shaping to lead to both ecological and sociological disasters.

Disliked by both Shapers and Rebels, they are either captured or executed. They are very few in number and their goals are often dismissed out of hand or even not completely understood because of how far they stray from commonly held beliefs.

Instead of concentrating in one or two major areas like most other sects in the game, Trakovites instead have a few hideouts or individuals hide in cities and blend in with the general population. The best way to start to follow the Trakovite path or to seek them out is by being friendly with a member in a city. In Geneforge 4 this is Drewry in northern Dillame next to the entrance of Rivergate Keep. In Geneforge 5, speak to Lel in Mera and express sympathy with Trakovite views to be told where to go for next contact.

Since the Trakovite doctrine does not go against breeding creations used by the Shapers, Trakovite views can be held by humans and independent creations alike.

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