Trajkov was the leader of the Sholai expedition who first discovered Sucia Island.

Although an outsider, he quickly mastered the arts of shaping through the use of canisters scattered all over the island.

Finding the Geneforge and uncovering its use through study of Shaper documents, Trajkov came to the realization that he needed a true Shaper to unlock its potential. He then devised a plot to capture a full Shaper named Goettsch who then betrayed him.

This betrayal led to the events that catapulted Geneforge 1 and culminated in the events known as the Second Sucia Disaster in the Geneforge lore.

Trakovite Connection

A couple decades after the Second Sucia Disaster, a group known as the Trakovites arose who held the belief that all Shaping was evil and needed to be destroyed. Due to the similarity in name, it has been theorized that many of the stories about Trajkov have been warped and they now believe him to be someone who is against Shaping.

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