The Presence is a unique powerful creation, likely a shade, in Geneforge 5. Shaper Rawal demands you destroy it because it is causing creations in the Foundry to go rogue. Creations infested by The Presence are shielded, making them mini-bosses in the first section of the game. The first infested creation is a Fyora in the East Foundry. For experienced players it is quite easy to beat. If mechanics are high enough there is a way to sabotage the machinery to deal it a massive blow. When the creation is felled a part of The Presence is killed along with it.

The second slave of The Presence is the Servant Mind of the West Foundry. This one summons many weak worms on shaper pedestals near it. After two waves of worms the player will finally be able to hit the Mind. It is recommended the player use ranged attacks to fight the Mind as it has automatic recoil against melee opponents. When the Mind dies it seals a part of The Presence in its body. 

Weakened, The Presence flees to the Foundry Core where it takes over a Servile. The shield around this form is extremely powerful, letting you deal only one or two damage at best. On the third and final encounter with The Presence, the only way to destroy the servile is to go south and touch the swirly pink pool. This is a Geneforge. Defeat The Presence and report to Shaper Rawal.

The Presence origin story is told in a cut scene once the player has whittled down its health. It was created by a Drakon trying to make sentient essence. The Presence's first victim was this Drakon and it has floated through the lands feeding on the minds of creations ever since.

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