Testing Grounds {G3}

Adjacent Location

North to Inner Mines, South to Eastern Road

Notable Characters






At some point in a Shaper Novice's training on Greenwood Island they will have to come to the Testing Grounds. It is here that, after completing the trials, Novices are accepted wholly into the Shaper Order.

The first stage of testing consists of three rounds, each testing different skill sets like Mechanics, Leadership, and Combat. This is all that is required to be considered a full Shaper. However, there is a second level of testing that you can attempt that is much more dangerous and shouldn't be attempted except by someone with considerable experience.

In Geneforge 3, there are multiple parts to the test. The first presents the option of either a battle with three turrets or a test of Leadership. The second is a choice between a battle with two Fyoras and two Cyroas or a test of Mechanics. The third is a test of being able to sneak past a blind Thahd or to fight a tough Blessed Thahd. Afterwards, you get access to three Shaper tomes: Create Thahd, Create Artila, and Heal.

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