Terror Vlish
Terror vlish
Art of a Terror Vlish from Geneforge 3.
Vital statistics
Title Terror Vlish
Gender Varies
Race Vlish
Health Varies
Level Varies
Location Varies

A Terror Vlish is a special variant of the standard Vlish. It has a special ability to invoke fear and terror in enemies causing them to flee from their attackers.

In Geneforge 1 through 3 Terror Vlish were the upgraded version of Vlish, a magic creation. To upgrade any creation to its second form three points are needed in that creation and can be gained through a canisters or NPC trainers as well as a few books. Terror Vlish was replaced in Geneforge 4 and 5 with Charged Vlish which, in exchange for greater upfront firepower and health, deteriorates HP over time and will die after leaving an area.

In-game description

Vlish are magical creatures which can fire harmful rays. This vicious variety projects a beam which fills the target with terror. It also has a poisonous sting for melee combat.

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