The Takers are one fo the factions that originated on Sucia Island.

When the Shapers left during the second Sucia isle incident, they were some of the many serviles that waited for them to come back.

In particular the Taker sect evolved on the arid part of the island where they constantly lacked sufficient food and water and were constantly beset by other creations that had gone rogue after the Shapers left.

One day in Kazg a hungry and angry servile went into the middle of the street, shaking his hand at the sky and shouting:

"The Shapers are wrong! They torment! They bad! We must take our free!" Although he was killed, or perhaps because of it, his words stuck.

The name of the sect comes directly from his declaration.

Believing the Shapers will never allow creations to live as their equals, Takers are resolved to take their freedom by force.

Kazg was once the richest and had the most important in terms of size servile population on the isle.

With the poisoning of the lands and their opposition to the serviles of Pentil, this is no more.

In Geneforge 1 the Takers are set up in the Eastern part of the island in the town of Kazg. Joining this sect may require the death of Ellhrah, the leader of the Awakened, and gives the player access to an amulet that makes the end game areas much easier to traverse.

In Geneforge 2's Drypeak Mountains the Takers once again appear as a sect the player can align themselves with. Again the endgame sect, the Taker settlement is in the North at Zhass-Uss which is hostile if the player is a Barzite or has left the Takers.

Geneforge 5 has a small tribute to the original Taker sect in the independent Servile village Kaz in Astoria's lands which is offset by the village Pentil named after the original Obeyer village. The serviles of Kaz are armed and extremely distrustful of any non creations.

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