Sucia Island
Sucia Island is the setting of the first game, Geneforge. It is a large island, with a continental climate, a dense vegetation composed mainly of conifers, great wastes and a vast system of research warrens. The player from the first game, who has just been intitiated into the shapers, is forced to land here, without training or tools. Shipwrecked on a barred island, the player then must make choices on the island, ultimately aiming to escape, which will affect the world.

History of Sucia Island

The history of Sucia Island is not terribly clear.

It is considered to be an island of research, and was "Barred" by the shapers, with barred meaning that Shapers who visited this place were to be punished and the outsiders to the Shaper sect to be killed on sight, should they set foot aground. First believed an insignificant island, the player learns that Sucia island was the island on which many Shaper creations were invented. One also discovers that, two centuries before it was used as research facility, Sucia isle was the birthplace of the first Shapers.

There Shapers created power canisters and started to work rewriting DNA with magic. They soon created the first creation shades and the reaper turret. Afraid of the dangers of this new type of Shaping, Shaper council ordered the Shaper researchers to leave the island shortly after the construction and completion of a weapon; the geneforge. The council son outlawed many of the inventions of the Shapers of Sucia isle, and the isle, the research and it's serviles where forgotten.

When the player first arrives on Sucia Island, two hundred years after it was barred, we find out that the island has been abandoned, and, in the place of the Shapers, some of the creations they left behind, notably the serviles, have managed to become more independent and learn to survive on their own and use the ruins to suit their needs.

The player also learns of the Sholai, a people of explorers from a far away land, they too stranded on the island.

Reasons of the island being barred

Sucia Island was declared barred because of the works with creation of the Geneforge, a byproduct of the creation of the canisters, each of which give the person who uses them powers, but at the price of being more arrogant and mentally unstable.

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