Spawner in Geneforge 3 - 5


Spawners in Geneforge 1 and 2

A spawner is a vile creation first seen in Geneforge 1.

Spawners were invented by Goettsch and the Sholai during the events of Geneforge 1 to manifacture creations.

They are blobby creatures with a tentacles that sit deep in a pool of modified essence that they use to shape small, rogue creations such as Fyoras and Thahds.

Some spawners can shape even more powerful creations such as the clawbugs, vlish, artilas or roamers.

Typical spawners shape every 2 - 4 rounds and can be stunned to slow their rate of growth.

The creations made by spawners does not grant experience after the first geneforge game.

In every game they appear in, the area around them is described as having a strong smell of vinegar.

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