South End

Adjacent Locations

North to Eastern Road, South to Greenwood Academy, West to Captured Bridge

Notable Characters

Crider, Greta


Clear Bridge, Clear Rogue Nest



South End is the 3rd map in Geneforge 3. This as an outpost right outside of the Greenwood Academy that is meant as a stopping point for non-shapers supplying the school.

Notable Locations

There are few buildings that comprise South End, most notably South End Inn, Crider's Brewery, and Hinman's Shop.


If you talk to Crider he will give you a quest to clear out a group of rogues to the west of South End in the woods. He will reward you with a bunch of supplies useful early on in the game.

Hinman will also give you a quest to clear out a group of rogues guarding a bridge to the west. Once done he'll reward you with a Blessed Bauble.

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