Sharon is an ex-Shaper who, like most ex-Shapers, began to pity the Serviles.

She left society and hid herself in woods, north of Drypeak. There, she spends time researching about how the proto-Shapers of Sucia isle and the heirs (the Shapers) bind living organisms to inorganic materials.

She also cultivates plants and manages a group of freice creations (Vlish and Clawbugs).

One of her trash pits contains saltweed protected by rats.

Sharon lives inside a four-room building, with a library.

Her library contains information on how to create a clawbug.

In the northern room there is a room with a mine and a dresser.

Upon opening the door, the mine detonates and, depending on your positioning and health, wipes out you and your entire team. In the eastern room, there is a Blue Clawbug on a shaping platform.

Sharon has two quests.

One where you need to bring her the Tendon of a Draykon and a Flawless Crystal, the other a translation to a book she has in her library.

These both can be found in the northernmost part of the Demo map.

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