The Shaper Council is composed of the most powerful members of the Shapers, usually including three of each of the primary shaper classes: Shaper, Guardian, and Agent. The Council is often considered to be very strict and stern on their laws, and very slow to come to decisions. They are also considered to be fairly arrogant.

The Shaper Council's numbers were reduced to seven after Geneforge 4, but it is unknown if this is because the Councilors representing the provinces taken by the rebels were killed, if they defected, or for another, unknown reason.

In Geneforge 5, the Shaper Council's members are :

The first four Council members in this list are the most important for the player, because each one has a faction which the player can rejoin in order to finish Geneforge 5.

Of note especially is Alwan who was introduced and could join the player character in Geneforge 3.

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