Vital statistics
Title Shaper
Gender Male or Female
Race Human
Faction Shaper
Health Varies
Level Varies

The Shaper is a class within the order known as the Shapers. A Shaper is one of the three classes, the others being Agent and Guardian. Males and females both can become Shapers. The role of a Shaper is mainly in the field of research, where they often spend time around toxic substances, dangerous equipment, or unpredictable creation varieties. Though they stay away from combat, they aren't exactly always safe. Most Shapers' work involves the improvement of existing creation types. Usually this involves the process of creating a creation with a slight alteration, examining its life, dissecting it once it is dead, and repeating the process with a new similar creation until enough information is gathered to judge whether it is an improvement or not.


Shapers are more frail than agents and guardians, so they stay avoid combat most of the time, close range at least. Shapers may not be good with the weapons favored by a guardian, but they are still powerful. Shapers are very skilled with creating powerful creations to defend themselves.


Shapers use their creations for protection in battle.

This alone is said to make one Shaper an entire army. They are also quite talented at using magic to blast their enemies, or for healing and defense. This combined with their creations makes Shapers very difficult to kill.
Shaper Combat

Strategies for Shaper combat usually involve the Shaper making creations, followed by the casting of offensive and deffensive spells. This results in a very tough Shaper, able to deal large amounts of damage while being able to take much damage as well, and a not so good time for the enemy of the Shaper. Somone fighting against a Shaper would benefit from magic resistance, to block the Shaper's attacks. Taking down the Shaper as quick as possible makes it easier to destroy his remaining creations, and attacks that hit multiple enemies would be helpful.

Shapers also can use enchanted crystals to control creations from a distance, although the amount of creations controlled at a time, and the distance they can be from their creator, depends on the skill of the Shaper that is controlling them. This is a very useful ability in warfare, and was used by the Shapers throughout the Rebellion.

Notable Shapers

Some notable Shapers include: Danette, Rawal, Diniyata, Litilia, Zakary, and, in the first, second and third games, the player character.


  • The Shapers had changed in their look in Geneforge 3 to 5.
  • It is possible in Geneforge that the mages look like the Shapers in Geneforge 1 and 2 unhooded.
  • Shaper(s) can also denote the organization itself.

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