Shanti's Apprentice on the road to Drypeak

Shanti's Apprentice is the character you play as in Geneforge 2. This character can be any of the three Shaper classes.

This character was currently going to a Shaper academy, but was sent by the Shaper Council to go to Drypeak to do field work. This character was furthermore considered to be a person of average talent, although the character proves, if you survive long enough, to be an extremely talented Shaper.

Shanti's Apprentice begins his expedition outside of Drypeak, a town considered to be hopeless by the Shaper Council. When they arrive at the wasteland town, they are met by a fighter that, with a little convincing from Shanti or Shanti's Apprentice, leads them to the ruler of Drypeak, Zakary. When Shanti is restricted to stay in town, she encourages her apprentice to explore the nearby land. Eventually, should the Apprentice survive long enough to make it to the Secret Tunnel, Shanti will disappear. This is when her apprentice has the most choices.

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