Shanti on the road to Drypeak
Vital statistics
Title Agent
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Shapers
Health Varies
Level Unknown
Status Deceased
Location Drypeak

Shanti is an Agent who helps you, her apprentice, in the first two areas of Geneforge 2. Later on, she provides some advice, spells and experience.


It is unknown when Shanti was born, or where. However, she ended up in a Shaper Academy, and became an Agent. Based on game evidence, her prefered spell is Searer. Later in her career, she is tasked as your master and mentor. After some training, the Shaper Council decides to send you and Shanti to Drypeak to collect information.


Shanti is your guardian and mentor. She uses Searer to defeat enemies such as Fyoras and Thahds. Shanti is usually the one who talks whenever you are with her and you encounter another person.

Shanti, for the first part of Geneforge 2, stays at your house. She says that she cannot do much searches as she is watched and monitored heavily. However, players can receive experience by talking to her after finding significant items or creatures.

Towards the point in which you see more of the map, you find that Shanti has been abducted by enemy serviles and has to be found. Later, you find her dead, dressed in servile clothes.


If one attacks Shanti she uses Searer to attack, at low levels she can one hit you.


When asking her about her necklace, she answers "Oh this thing? It has no powers". Almost correct quote.


  • Shanti is the first instructor to die during a demo although you never see her body in it.

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