A group of serviles from Sucia Island.

Serviles are intelligent creations loyal to the shapers in the first three games. Some are in the rebellion in Geneforge 3, and in Geneforges 4 and 5, they provide the backbone of the rebellion, though some chose to stay with the Shapers despite the Shapers' usual tyrannical rule over them. They have opposible thumbs, and long, snout-like, anteater-ish noses, which are brought out more in games 4 and 5. They were created as slaves, and slaves they are. Hunched over from long work, they were created for manual labor and as administrators.

In Gameplay

Serviles in the first 3 games are merely NPCs, but in the fourth and fifth games, the player has the option of playing as a Servile. Serviles start out with huge amounts of the mechanics skill, but little else at first. They can hold essence, however, and, like with all character classes, as a Servile you can make creations, though at first only one at a time, and weak. Serviles are powerful in melee skills, average in magic skills, and weak in shaping. Ideally, players wishing to play an Agent but with a much higher emphasis on physical combat will enjoy playing the Servile class.

In Shaper Society

Serviles are taught by Shapers only the basic speech and understanding that they would need in their labor. This makes them seem simple, if not childlike. They are usually treated by beatings, punishments and rewards.

Shapers who are more forgiving to their Serviles are often shunned and looked upon as weak by other Shapers. In Geneforge 1, leisure time is said to be an important part of a servile's life. Some warrens where serviles live are thus equipped with swiming pools, baths and board games.

They usually eat simple vegetables and fruit which they prepare. They occasionally eat meat and bread.

Serviles are mainly used as a form of slave labour; in old times they helped their masters reshape the land and clear out land from trees (Pentil, Geneforge 1) and work under circumstances which would kill or seriously injure humans such as mines or in the core of powerplants without protection (Powercore, Geneforge 1).

By the events of Geneforge 1, the living and working conditions of the serviles got relatively better (Powercore Geneforge 1).

In specific circumstances serviles are kept by Guardians and Shapers, but taskmasters, called Keepers, also take care of serviles.

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