Searing artila
Searing Artila
Magic creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Shapable
  • Ranged attack creation
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 1
Shapable in-game? True
  • Geneforge 1
  • Geneforge 2
  • Geneforge 3


  • Geneforge 4
  • Geneforge 5
HP Level
AP Level Low (1 action per turn)

The Searing Artila is a variant of the Artila. It is better than the Artila, especially in terms of damage. They are grey-blue in color. These creations deal much more damage than their normal counterparts, but still take melee damage easily.

The word 'Searing' can be a reference to the magic spell Searer, which is essentially the same as an Artila ranged attack.

They can be created in the earlier versions of the Geneforge series, at the cost of 30 essence.

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