Rydell is one of the serviles of Sucia island and the leader of the Obeyers. He is described as an anxious, intelligent and ruthless leader. Rydell was capable of playing the Awakened and Takers against one an other, starving off the serviles of Kazg and instrumentalizing a Control mind and rogue roamers to extend the Obeyer's sphere of influence across the island.

As an Obeyer he believes that creations are inferior to the Shapers who created them. The Obeyer's leader believes that the serviles must obey the Shapers at any cost, and that they are perhaps fully indebted by the Shapers for creating them.

With this in mind, after the cleansing of Sucia Island, Rydell was one of the survivors of that fled to Drypeak with Shapers Zakary and Barzahl and eventually joined the Awakened.


Rydell can be found at Pentil in the great meeting hall.

Rydell seem to maintain a close relationship with Natley, the servile responsible for overseeing Pentil's farm lands.

Rydell expresses extreme pain at the abscence of a Shaper presence on Sucia isle, a people he has never met.

In his private journal Rydell doubts what the Shapers's true intentions on Sucia isle are. At any rate, Rydell lived to see a Shaper to be stranded on Sucia isle and the ill treatment of his people by the returning Shapers.

He died an Awakened with the servile Natley in the mountainous region of Drypeak.

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