Rogue is a term used in the Geneforge Series to describe a creation that is no longer under control of its creator or task manager; in other words, it completely acts upon its will. Rogues are outlawed by both Shaper and Rebel doctrine and are hunted down by them.


The tendency to go rogue depends on several key factors. These factors are:

  • Intelligence: A highly intelligent creation would know exactly what is happening to him/herself and act upon what he or she wishes to do. The Shapers' relatively harsh control methods increases rogue tendencies for their faction. Intelligent creatures are, for the most part, outlawed, yet a few distinct exceptions are made.
  • Knowledge: Shapers attempt to find out as much as they can about their creations. Relatively new creations, such as Wingbolts are not understood fully and are not as rogue-resistant as other creations such as the Fyora.
  • Skill: The skill of a Shaper comes into play naturally; Shapers that create servants better and have higher leadership skills often do not experience rogues. In the game, the skill Leadership sometimes determines the player's ability to control abandoned creations and can prevent them from attacking.
  • Treatment: How Shapers treat their creations has an effect on their rogue tendencies; this question comes up in the games largely. Harsh, total control is one way of dealing with creations, and leniency is yet another way. Both methods have their flaws.


Shapers do not allow rogues at all in their land. On sight, they are trained to destroy and absorb creations that display rogue characteristics. Labs with dangerous shaping are usually surrounded by blast doors and shield rings to prevent unstable rogue creations from exiting.

The Geneforge games have quests where the player is asked to hunt down rogues and collect bounties.

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