Fire creation
Shapping Information
Shapping status Shapeable
  • Choke-Point Defender
  • Scout Creation
  • Weak Attack Creation
  • Personal Bodyguard
Notable Variations
  • Pyroroamer
  • Guardian Roamer
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 1
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level Low-Mid (40-500)
AP Level Low (1 action a turn)

Roamers are a type of fire creation.

There are several varieties. The most basic has the ability to spit out globules of acid like the artila and a deliver a nasty bite. The upgraded version the player can create is the Pyroroamer. Purple in color, these are cheap in essence and fragile, they focus on running up to enemies and exploding when killed for area of effect damage.

They were presumably created from fyora stock.

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