Pentil is the main Obeyer hub on Sucia Island in the first Geneforge. Located in the middle of the island and home to the best grazing and farming land, the Serviles of Pentil are relatively well off.

When the player arrives at Pentil, regardless of the players actions up this point, the Serviles will be friendly . The serviles will however be tight lipped if the player is already aligned with the Awakened to the West or has done too many things to upset the pro-Shaper loyalties of the inhabitants.

Of Interest in Pentil

  1. Pixley: Southern Pentil, object of one of Coale's quests. Asks the player to clear a bridge in exchange for two pods, including a battle pod.
  2. In the Southeast are living quarters where some minor loot is stored.
  3. At the outer wall are chests at each of the four corners of the town, all guarded by a guard that will eventually leave if the player is patient.
  4. Merchants are in the Eastern section.
  5. Learned Dayna: Library, saving Shaper records. If the player does not tell her the task is pointless she will ask the player to bring her any books they might find for a reward of 10 coins a piece and experience if the player is less than level 13. There are some books in the Southern room of the library.
  6. Godwin: Located in the Northeast, he wants help clearing out the Vlish in the woods to the South. After destroying the spawner return to him for training in Quick Action (+2).
  7. Natley: Just West of Godwin, will ask for help clearing out the west gate and will reward the player with a shielding band.
  8. Mickall Blade: In the Northwest, he wants help killing rebels in the Thorny Woods (taking this quest will make the rebels hostile).
    1. Helping Mickall to clear out the rebels is part of the Obeyer quest line whereas first asking and accepting the quest from the Taker Eko Blade is a step along the Taker quest line. The Taker reward is better but also involves killing a few friendly humans. Completing this task for the Obeyers yields no immediate reward.
  9. Learned Jafee: After joining the Obeyer sect, Learned Jafee will teach the player Fire Shaping (+1), and will instruct the player in the Sholai language.

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