The Obeyers were a sect which died off shortly after the events of Geneforge 1, but find their roots in the abandonment of the serviles after the first Sucia Isle incident.

Their held beliefs were that all creations had to obey the will of the Shapers, which they devised from whatever ruins and writing they had at their disposal after their abandonement.

On Sucia isle, the Obeyers were the wealthiest of the servile factions, and the more numerous. Living on the center of the isle they quickly rose to dominance feeding control minds (Geneforge 1, Control four) starving Kazg, creating tensions between the Awakened and the Takers and maintaining an outpost on the way to Kazg beyond Southbridge (Geneforge 1, Servile outpost). They were severally weakened by the spawners and traps created by the Sholai during the first Sucia incident at the request of Gnorrel.

(Rydell) was the leader of the Obeyers at Sucia isle. His tomb can be found on the mainland at Drypeak, having joined the Awakened in death (Geneforge 2). Likewise some Obeyers joined the Awakened after the second Sucia incident. The rest were then on killed, enslaved, imprisoned by the Shapers, or else went on to join the Takers.

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