Agent Miranda is the first Shaper the player encounters in Geneforge 4 when sent to interrogate the Shaper prisoner held in Southforge Citadel by Greta. Miranda tries to recruit the player and will divulge the location of the Shaper camp in the Forsaken Lands if the player has enough Leadership skill.

The next time the player meets the Agent is in Chapter 2:Illya Province where Miranda amicably informs the player that General Alwan wants a word with them in Rivergate Keep.

Provided the player is not playing a hardline rebel, Miranda remains a friendly character in Chapter 3:Fens of Aziraph. She will be in Shaper Camp Gamma and hands out the major Shaper quests for the area.

If the player obtained permission to enter Chapter 4:Burwood Province from General Crowley in the previous chapter Miranda will come and talk with the player in Sentinel Groves with information on Shaper plans and how the player can aid them. In Western Burwood the player will once again bump into Miranda if they are taking the Shaper sympathizer route and she will give another quest aimed at weakening rebel defenses. After reaching the Poryphra Ruins the player can once again interact with Miranda but she does not hold much in the way of quests.

Regardless of what side the player chose Miranda pops up once again at the end of Chapter 5:Northforge where she meets the player and initiates the end of the game.

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