Mines are Shaper-made, non-sentient creations that explode using the same mechanics as a Pyroroamer, and have more than one form.

A Shaper usually designs mines to flank the main core of Shaper armies. As such mines will harm only non-Shapers and serviles, but they can be designed or trained to detonate when confronting Shapers.

Short lived, mines tend to live not more than a few months.

Mechanical Mines

These mines are part mechanical, part fungi. They are spaced out away from each other in order that a skilled individual with plenty of Mechanics skill can disable them. While most of these mines do explode, some of the later developed mines will form a creation when they are set off, and skilled Shapers can even create mines that contain hasting, protective or blessing substances akin to pods, which become active when the creature within the mine wakes up. Such mines usualy contain Fyoras and other simple creations like Thahds, but late tier creations such as the Battle Alpha or even the Battle Gamma are known to be stored in such devices.

While these can be disabled using mechanics, there is technically a small creation set inside the mine that determines when the mine goes off.

Spore Mines

These mines are entirely biological and fall under the Fungi Creation category. They are dependent on human or serviles to reproduce. When spore mines are old enough they charge themselves with volatile substances and explode. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, spore mines are usually grouped close together so that if you approach them they will all go off and kill you. The problem with these mines is that they can be disabled by two different means:

  • by using a spore baton that launches spores into the air which will trigger the mines to go off from a safe distance, or
  • finding a trigger that will turn the mines off allowing everyone to pass by them safely.

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