Medab is a city in the Drypeak Mountains that was built and created prior to the events of Geneforge 2.


The area where Medab sat in was originally barren and infertile, similar to most arid areas. With special shaper modification from Barzahl the land became lush with wildlife and able to support a forest-type ecosystem. Both humans and intelligent serviles were tasked with the building project. Over time, Medab became an important trading post for the research halls in the northeast. Years later, the serviles began resisting the rule of Barzahl and sects were formed. The Awakened gathered near the area controlled by Medab, took the Magus Complex for themselves and declared themselves separate. Ellhrah, who was the leader of the Awakened back on Sucia Island eventually passed and Learned Pinner took his place.


The city's entrances are guarded by turrets and armed serviles. Barracks are located near to help provide support. Learned Pinner is able to cast spells and is well-defended for any early attacks.


Medab is accessible in Geneforge 2 however is spoken of in several subsequent games. There are three merchants, two that only trade with Awakened-allied Shapers. Learned Pinner is in a hall to the northwest and behind this hall is the Awakened stash.

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