Meeting with Masha

Geneforge 1

In Geneforge one, Masha is the leader of the Shloai's who do not follow Trajkov.

After leading a failed rebellion against Trajkov with Anfisa Trajkov's second in command and Astrov the Sholai scout, she and her retinue of men are forced to hide in tunnels west of Kazg.

Astrov escaped whist Anfisa was killed.

She is seen by the PC to be quite pretty, in an exotic way.

If you retrieve a missing key, she allows you to look in a journal which describes the Sholai's voyage to sucia isle.

She then asks you to take sides and gives you a letter to give to the hidding Astrov.

In Geneforge 5

In Genforge 5 Masha can be found as a minor character in Haria- Kel, originally a diplomat, but with the events of the game, a prisonner of the mainland.

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