Meeting with Masha

Geneforge 1

In the first game Masha is the leader of the rebel Sholai who resist Trajkov's leadership. She is described as being quite pretty, in an exotic way.

After leading a failed rebellion against Trajkov with Anfisa, Trajkov's second in command, and Astrov, a Sholai scout, she and her retinue are forced to hide in the tunnels west of Kazg. Astrov managed to escape on his own, while Anfisa was killed.

If you retrieve a missing key for her, she allows you to read through a Sholai journal that details their voyage to Sucia Isle as part of an exploration team. She then asks you to side against Trajkov, and gives you a letter to deliver to the hiding Astrov.

Geneforge 5

In the fifth game, Masha can be found as a minor character in Haria-Kel. She explains that she was originally a diplomat, but as a result of the events of the game, she is now a prisoner on the mainland.