Magic Creations are a class of creatures that can be created through use of the Shaping Arts. These creations are typically physically frail but deal powerful and potent magical attacks.

List of Magic Creations


With the exception of the Glaahk and the Ur-Glaahk, Magic Creations are typically very frail. They do not resist Physical Damage as well as Fire Creations and Battle Creations. They, however, have the best resistance to Magic Damage than other creations. All of these creations have at least one attack that deals a secondary effect in addition to magic damage.

In the Shaper Army, these creations tend to be on the back of the lines except the mighty Glaahk and the Gazer/Eyebeast. The latter two are intelligent creations and because of this, barred from being able to be shaped. It is strongly suspected that if Gazers and Eyebeasts were as numerous and social as the Drakons, they would pose a greater threat to the Shapers.

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