Mad, Flaming Fyora is a quest given to you by Captain Valenta in Minallah.

Quest Text

A particularly nasty fyora, with a green tint and the unnerving ability to spray flames in all directions, has escaped into the Foundry Core. It was last seen in the eastern section, but might have fled farther in.

Should you kill it, you can collect your bounty from Captain Valenta.


This is a very easy quest, but requires you to be on The Presence quest to be able to start it. Most players will just kill the Green Spotted Fyora in the process of completing The Presence, but in case you don't, it's very simple to get to. First, you'll need to make your way through the Foundry Core West to the Foundry Core. The fyora in question is very easy to find, just follow the fyoras roaming the southeastern section of the zone. He is found at the back of a lair in the south-center of the zone.

Once you've found our good friend, be ready to Daze the other rogues while you deal with him. He will cast a regular area-of-affect flame spell as well as attack you directly with claw or flame, depending on how close or far you are. Neither ability deals a lot of damage. Burn him down, then kill his friends before returning through the core to hand in the quest in Minallah.



There is nothing special about this quest. You will just have to live through the area-of-affect attack while controlling the rogue fyoras in the fight.

Appears In

Geneforge 5

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