Lord Rahul is a Guardian and the head of the Shaper government on the Ashen Isles in Geneforge 3. He is located on the largest island in the chain Dhonal Island in the Inner Keep portion of Dhonal's Keep. The focus point of many quests, you can tell him Jane from Dhonal's Keep wants to speak with him and he gives his own quests. The first is to investigate the prisoner in Cell 3, a Drakon named Dryss. Then he sends you out to find General Greiner and discover why he is not proceeding with fighting the rebels. After completing this he instructs the player to sally forth and destroy rogues. For completing this he gives a Charmed Plate and Shining Shield. This done he orders the character to aid Khyryk against the rebels. Lord Rahul's final quest is destroy the Geneforge which will give the player the pro-Shaper/Loyalist ending.

If the player is pro-Rebel they should choose their words carefully with Lord Rahul although killing him is the final quest in the rebel line, given by Drakon Akhari Blaze who gives the player a summoning orb to help in the endeavor.

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