Lair of the Creator (G3)

Adjacent Locations

South to Inner Mines

Notable Characters

Litalia's Shade, Warped Creator





This is the final area of Greenwood Island. When you first enter this map you will be approached by a Shade in the form of Litalia. After bringing a message from Litalia herself, the Shade does nothing more and just stays there.

You have two paths open to you. You can go West and face hordes of Spawners and rogues or you can go East and face the same thing. The only difference is one path has a lot of items and even two canisters while the other doesn't.

When you get to the North you can enter the main center chamber and approach the Warped Creator. Unless your Leadership skill is at least a level 10, prepare for a fight. After you have taken care of him congratulations, you have completed the first island of Geneforge 3.

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