"East of here, you can find the leader of the Awakened. His name is Ellhrah. He is powerful and smart, and with his leadership, the Awakened may control all of Sucia. He is also well protected, but you are a shaper.

"If you kill him, you will have the true gratitude of the Takers. If you do, and we will see to it that you can draw from the true power we have uncovered. Whatever happens to me, this offer will still be open." - Nabb

"Kill Ellhrah" is one of many quests in Geneforge.

In-game description

You have met a strange servile named Nabb in Vakkiri. He asked you to kill Ellhrah, the leader of the Awakened. He made it clear that this would be a very dangerous thing to do.


The mission can be started by speaking to Nabb, who is hiding in a house in the northeast corner of Vakkiri. His house is hidden behind some trees near the northern exit of the town.

It is not recommended to do this quest until you have gotten everything you need out of the Awakened, and are absolutely sure you don't want to join them. Once Ellhrah is dead, both Vakkiri and Ellhrah's Keep will become permanently hostile.

Ellhrah is located in Ellhrah's Keep, southeast of Vakkiri. Go through the east exit of the town into Watchhill, and then south to reach the keep.

There are a large amount of guards in the area, making escape very difficult. If you can gain Ellhrah's trust (or sneak past the guard in the lower chambers), you can access a Discipline Wand which can make killing Ellhrah much easier. However, most powerful enough characters likely won't need the wand to kill him, and the wand's limited ammo won't help much against the rest of the guards.

Both because of the difficulty of the area and the consequences of finishing the quest, it is recommended the player wait until later (preferably after meeting with the Takers properly) to attempt this quest.


Completing this quest allows the player to join the Takers. This can also be accomplished by completing Gnorrel's quest of a similar name, or passing a leadership check with him.