Kentia East Gate

Adjacent Locations

North to Kentia Mines, South to Minefield Woods, West to Fort Kentia

Notable Characters

Hawthorne, Duff, Filkens


Clear Rogues, Find a Prism, Find a Wand



Just outside of Fort Kentia to the east are some fertile lands used for farming. After the surge of rogues roaming around the island these lands remained protected along with the fort.

Towards the southeast there is a mage, Hawthorne, who is willing to train you as well as sell some magic materials. Most importantly however is the magic anvil he will allow you to use. He will give you two quests to search for both a prism and an Inferno wand, the latter of which will reward you with a recipe for an advanced shield.

Filkens, a guard, will also offer you a quest to clear out some rogues to the northwest. Helping him will give you some coins and experience.

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