Once the administrative center of Sucia isle, and half way between the research warrens at the north and the two docks at the south, Kazg became the home of the Takers. Kazg was a partially wooded city built with heavy stone blocks and irrigated; there is a river north of the city and a marsh south west. Yet the ground is barren and lifeless.


Kazg farming and irrigated land.


Within Kazg.


Kazg was one of the cities of Sucia isle administered by Shaper Corata And the largest city by far on Sucia isle.

It was from there that supplies were issued to the main research halls, and it was there that all the political and administrative decisions were taken. The barring of Sucia isle was one such event. When this event occurred, one of the workshops of Sucia island was used to store harmfull, uncarefully sealed toxic liquids and products derived from shaping experiments which then poured into the ground, contaminating the water table. the river which coursed nearby from northbridge to Kazg slowly became poisonus, slowly killing the vegetation surrounding the banks of the river. The surrounding earth quickly became dusty and barren making agriculture impossible. The serviles Of Kazg who mainly subsisted on a diet of vegetables, grew hungry and died from starvation.

The result of this environmental catastrophe was the birth of a political, religious and ideological fraction which would call themselves Takers. The Takers also established cults which practiced magic. Magic, an art which had been previously thought impossible of making by serviles, having been modified specifically not to be able and use magic, was taught at the Shrine of defiance, where serviles taught not to obey the Shapers, acetism, self denial techniques and spiritual practices. The Shrine was the main religious center of the Taker of Kazg. The political assembly was led by a servile leader, not unlike that of the Obeyer or seen in the Awakened. It included minor member eras of the servile military called blades, Taker agents (namely Agat) and administrators who followed orders and according to Amena Blade and where free to obey or not such orders as long as it did not go against official Taker doctrine.[1]

Political tensions between the the Shrine of defiance and the other rulers of the Tarkers began when Gnorrel, overall leader of the sect began to ally her self with the Sholai, and life crafter, Trajkov. The Shrine was then opposed by Gnorell and finally cut off from Kazg, resulting in a splintering of the cult all across Sucia isle and later on at Drypeak.




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