Jelinek's Inn is a quest given by Jelinek in Whitespires Pass.

Quest Text

You met an unfortunate innkeeper in the pass between Minallah and the Mera-Tev. His name is Jelinek, and his inn has been taken over by a bandit and a pack of rogues. He offers a bounty if you can take the bandit out of action. Permanently.


Enter the inn and kill the rogues in the first room, consisting of artila. Once they're defeated you will notice a door to the north. You will need at least a mechanics skill of 11 to open it, which puts it out of the reach of most early characters unless you've been hoarding a lot of Living Tools. Behind this door is the bandit, named Antonia.

If you choose to open the door, you can just fight her and kill her to complete the quest. Alternately, if you wish to save your tools, you can follow the hallway in the main room around the back of the inn. You will get a dialogue saying she has opened the door as you battle the rest of her army - a pack of rogue Roamers. Be quick, for if she opens the door she will head straight for Jenilek. Start running towards the door as quickly as you can to intercept her.

Antonia deals moderate damage with a thorn weapon and will rarely engage you in melee. You do not need to fear any acid or poison from her or her rogues aside from her artila. She drops a Stunblade, a useful weapon for melee-oriented players.



Antonia will run straight out the door to kill Jelinek so it's best to make sure you're in combat the entire time you're moving through the inn so you can intercept her faster.

Appears In

Geneforge 5

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