Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Guardian
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shaper Loyalists
Status High-ranking Guardian
Location Keep West Gate/Poryphra Ruins

Before the Rebellion, Guardian Koerner served under Lord Rahul and Lady Anjali on the Ashen Isles, controlling access to the inner part of Dhonal's Keep. After their deaths, he served under Alwan, commanding the Shaper infilitrators in Burwood Province.


Koerner was a proud and arrogant Guardian. Before the Rebellion, he had risen to a high rank in the Ashen Isles, charged with controlling access to the Inner Keep and therefore to Lord Rahul and Lady Anjali. Even at this time, he was dismissive of creations and outsiders, hinting that he would not mind the death of Gob for refusing to return his shaped blade.

After the fall of Dhonal's Keep and the deaths of his masters, Koerner's arrogance turned into bitterness and hatred. Dismayed by the betrayal of Lord Rahul and the loss of his home, he works towards the destruction of the rebellion under General Alwan, hoping to be the first to set foot back on the Ashen Isles. In Burwood Province, he commanded the five infiltrators who are trying to disrupt the rebellion in that area.


In Geneforge 3, Koerner is found in Dhonal's Keep. Completing a quest to retrieve Koerner's shaped blade from Gob is one way of gaining access to the Inner Keep.

In Geneforge 4, Koerner is found in the Poryphra Ruins, and, if the player is a Shaper loyalist, offers a quest to help each of the five infiltrators in Burwood Province. For aiding three, he will give you a polychromous shield; aiding all five will get you the blasted greaves.


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