Guarded dock's hazardous mine field.

One of the three main docks of Sucia Island, Guarded Docks is the place where the Shapers left the isle after the first Sucia isle incident.

It is heavily trapped with mines, and guarded by Augmented Sholai, Sholai warriors and Sholai magi. It is also inhabited by terror vlish.

The area contains a canister of clawbug, shaper equippment, shaped guantlets, thorns and reapers.

Spoilers Below

The last functional dock of sucia isle, this location constitutes the main endgame area and possess the means to end your first and last quest: find a boat to escape Sucia isle.

You will need three functional spore batons of three diffrent colors to disarm the mines which defend the docks.
Geneforge1 walkthrough 77 4 1

End quest.

You can distract the Sholai guards by telling the servant mind to scream for help. The Sholai will then proceed to rush into the building to kill it.

You can also kill all the Sholai, though at great peril.

Depending on the actions of the PC (using the Geneforge or not, or allowing someone else to use it, and the killing of the factions' leaders), there are multiple endings.

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