Greenwood Academy

Adjacent Locations

North to South End, Down to Greenwood Basement

Notable Characters

Master Hoge, Alwan, Hanna, Mind Hrrol


Visit Fort Kentia, Visit Dhonal's Keep



Greenwood Academy, located on Greenwood Isle of the Ashen Isles, was a Shaper school that was fully functional until a gaggle of rogues lead by the rebel leader Litalia invaded. Most of the students, faculty, and workers of the school were killed off but a few still survived including more notably Guardian Alwan, Greta, the Playable Character, Servant Mind Hrrol and Master Hoge who is the only teacher to have survived.

The School was mainly destroyed but after the events on at least Greenwood Island Mind Hrrol along with Shaper Novice Therese is able to organize a few Serviles to repair the school back to at least functioning.