Goettsch is a Shaper abducted by the Sholai on Sucia Island not very long before the beginning of Geneforge 1.

He is one of the two characters that the PC can help in order to finish the game, along with Trajkov.


Trajkov, leader of the Sholai expedition on Sucia Island, wanted the help of a member of the Shapers in order to use the Geneforge. Thus, he decided to abduct a Shaper passing near Sucia Island, and that Shaper was Goettsch. Goettsch pretended to help Trajkov until he betrayed him, fleeing in The Great Temple near the Spirit city with the gloves needed to use the Geneforge.

The player character has then the choice to help Goettsch to drive out the Sholai and Trajkov and to use the Geneforge.

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