Vital statistics
Title Ghaldring, Leader of the Rebellion
Gender Male
Race Ur-Drakon
Faction Rebels
Health 3033
Level Unknown
Status Varies
Location Quessa-Uss in Geneforge 4

Gazaki-Uss in Geneforge 5

Ghaldring is the leader of the Great Eastern Rebellion. He is an Ur-Drakon shaped by a Drakon named Easss in the Drypeak Mountains, during the events of Geneforge 2. He was the final and most powerful creation of his. He made his first appearance in Geneforge 4. Unlike most of Drakon stock, Ghaldring appears mostly free of greed and arrogance. His calculating, political nature saved him from losing the Rebellion in Geneforge 4 through manipulation of the PC and other Drakons.

Ur-Drakons are stronger than Drakons although they are not like upgrades of other fire creations like Cryoas and Cryodrayks that exude and breathe ice like their basis breathe fire.

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