General Crowley
General Crowley in his chamber in Aziraph Camp Gamma, Fens of Aziraph
Vital statistics
Title Guardian, General
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shaper
Health 1321
Location Forsaken Lands' hidden Shaper camp,

Aziraph Camp Gamma

General Crowley is a Guardian in Geneforge 4.

Forsaken Lands

At the beginning of the game, he is the Forsaken Lands' hidden Shaper camp's leader and he directs the assaults on Southforge Citadel. If the PC goes to the hidden Shaper camp, General Crowley traps him when he tries to escape. The PC can then start to collaborate with the Shapers or refuse to help them.

If the PC wants to help the Shapers, General Crowley will then ask him to bring Shaila in the Shaper camp, instead of killing her as ordered by Greta, as Shaila contacted the Shapers and asked them to try to heal her. Then, General Crowley will ask the PC to trap in the Cairn Gates the caravan transporting the components of Southforge Citadel's Geneforge heading toward Northforge Citadel by liting a fire near the docks. The fire will make some Vlish coming out of the water and attacking the caravan, destroying it.

Fens of Aziraph

After the rebels finished to evacuate Southforge Citadel, General Crowley is sent to the Fens of Aziraph in Aziraph Camp Gamma, where he will remain for the rest of the game, in order to lead the Shapers' efforts to kill Shaper Monarch and clean the Fens of Aziraph. If the PC helps the Shapers, General Alwan will order him to go to Aziraph Camp Gamma and speak with the leader here, which he will discover is General Crowley. However, after having spoken to him, the PC will take his orders from Agent Miranda.

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