A Gemstone is a small item with no useful abilities on its own, but incredibly valuable. Gemstones in the Geneforge Series are all green in appearance. Gemstones are prized amongst all merchants who will buy them for a high price.


While Gemstones lack any abilities, people still use them. One, of course, is making jewelry, such as the necklace of Shanti. Another, much more practical use would be in the creation of magical supplies. All crystal weaponry requires the use of a gemstone. In addition, a wand requires a gemstone, a Stick as a base, and one or more special ingredients to infuse power.

Recipes requiring Gemstones

This is a list of recipes requiring the use of Gemstones

Geneforge 4

Icy Crystal: Beautiful Crystal + Gemstone
Spray Crystal: Wiry Moss + Gemstone
Ensnaring Fibers: Vlish Tentacle + Gemstone
Swarm Crystal: Mandrake Tincture + Gemstone
Madness Gem: Beautiful Crystal + Eyebeast Eye + Gemstone
Fiery Wand: Stick + Gemstone + Perfect Fyora Scale
Discipline Wand: Stick + Gemstone + Artila Eye + Saltweed
Terror Wand: Stick + Gemstone + Vlish Tentacle + Madness Gem

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