Magic creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Barred
  • Powerful ranged attack creation
  • Intellectual work
  • Command of creation troops
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 2
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level
AP Level Low (1 action per turn)

The Gazers are tier-5 Magic Creations.

It is not perfectly clear who first created the Gazers, but evidence suggests that they were designed by Barzahl and Barzites researchers, and the Takers used that design, perfected it and created the first Gazer.



Gazers have been invented from Vlish. They are balls of flesh with a thick skin. They have multiple tentacles which have an eye at their end, which they use to observe their surroundings and inspect people they talk to.They also have a big eye in their center which, more than to see, they use to cast spells. Under that eye is a wide mouth which, along with their intelligence, allows the Gazers to talk.

As said, the Gazers can cast spells with their main eye. Their main spell is Kill. Some Gazers can cast more spells, like Daze, but the Gazers created by the player can only cast Kill.

They are quite frail to physical damage but are very resistant to magical damage.

Like the Vlish, they levitate with a helium ball.

The Gazers are also able to reproduce, but none of the Gazers explain how to the player.


The Gazers are one of the most intelligent and independent creations, along with the Drayks and the Drakons, and are also very arrogant and cunning. They thus have one of the most high rogue tendencies and require an extremely powerful and skilled master in order to control them. All of these reasons caused the Shapers to Barre the Gazers, and even the rebels are reluctant to create them or even, sometimes, to trust them.


Geneforge 2

Geneforge 3

Geneforge 4

A Gazer patrols the Western Burwood path and can be convinced to help the player by lowering certain of the area's defenses through either diplomacy or by virtue of the player being a hardline rebel. Defenses can also be lowered by stealth and careful stepping.

Another Gazer roams Frostwood. If the player has partaken of too many canisters, they will attack after initiating dialogue and be swarmed. To avoid this skirt the perimeter of the map and take out the Gazer's support first.

Canisters for the Gazer ability are in the last section of the game: Quessa-Uss, Khima-Uss, and Northforge Citadel.

Geneforge 5

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