The second-to-last type of creation magic creations is the Gazer. As the Drayk is a step below the Drakon, so is a Gazer a step below an Eyebeast. A Gazer can stun and damage one enemy at a time.

===Geneforge 4===

A Gazer patrols the Western Burwood path and can be convinced to help the player by lowering certain of the area's defenses through either diplomacy or by virtue of the player being a hardline rebel. Defenses can also be lowered by stealth and careful stepping.

Another Gazer roams Frostwood. If the player has partaken of too many canisters, they will attack after initiating dialogue and be swarmed. To avoid this skirt the perimeter of the map and take out the Gazer's support first.

Canisters for the Gazer ability are in the last section of the game: Quessa-Uss, Khima-Uss, and Northforge Citadel.

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