Fort Kentia

Adjacent Locations

East to Kentia East Gate, South to Kentia south Gate, Down to Under Fort Kentia, Boat to Harmony East Docks

Notable Characters

Damix, Commander Hevvig, Khogarth, Torsten, Pyx


Cure Torsten, Investigate Damix’s trap, Clear Basement, Rogue in the Stables, Examine Shaper Device, Find the Source of the Rogues, Talk to Torsten’s Father


Veil, Alillia, Tuona

Fort Kentia is the main point of civilization on Greenwood Island. It is of typical square Shaper design with a few shops, an inn, and homes spread throughout. There is also a shipyard and docks at the northern end for trade. It also happens to be the only way one or off the island.

In the center of the fort lies Commander Hevvig who will give you the quest Examine Shaper Device. Doing so will give you your first experience with a Shaping Canister in the game {Note: you aren't required to use the canister}. After that she will give you another quest to go into the mountains and Find the Source of the Rogues. You must do this in order to get off the island.

A human, Torsten, to the southwest part of the fort is suffering from a disease that will eventually kill him. His wife, Pyx, give you the quest to Cure Torsten.

An eccentric mechanic by the name of Damix has been having fun near the docks and building a new type of mine. He'll ask you to Investigate Damix's Trap {You'll need a high mechanic skill for this is you don't want it blowing up on you}.

Veil will also give you a quest to Clear Basement of Rogues. The entrance can be found in her shop.

Finally, Alillia the innkeeper will ask you to take care of the Rogue in the Stables.

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